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The suburb of Dee Why, along with its neighbouring suburb Brookvale is considered to be the centre of the Northern Beaches region of Sydney. With a population of just under 20,000, it is located 18kms from the city this beach-side location has much to offer its residents and visitors.


There are many theories behind how Dee Why came to get its name. Some of these include ‘DY’ – representing the shape of the lagoon – or deewae – being the sound made by a small water bird living in the wetlands, it could even have come from the Aboriginal name for the area. A notebook belonging to Surveyor James Meehan recorded the first written reference to the name Dee Why in his field book in September 1815, when he noted his location as ‘Dy Beach’.


There are two public primary schools in Dee Why, Dee Why Public School and Fisher Road Special School which are both located on Fisher Road. Private schools include St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School and St Lukes Grammar School

Public Transport

Public transport in Dee Why primarily runs along Pittwater Road in the form of buses, with services southwards to the City, Manly and North Sydney, and northwards to Collaroy, Cromer, Narrabeen, and the Pittwater area. The main bus stop for these services is located at the intersection with Howard Avenue. There are also semi-regular services to Chatswood via McIntosh Road to the west, as well as to Manly via Freshwater. Two express services to the city also run from near Dee Why Beach in the early morning and back from the city in the afternoon to serve commuters on weekdays.


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